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SUDATONIC SAUNA                         $80
~This state of the art sauna utilizes far infrared rays to increase metabolism and circulation.  The benefits include: 
Burns calories and controls weight
Reduces cellulite
Reduces stress and fatigue
Removes pain and joint stiffness
Improves skin tone and acne
Improves asthma
Burn up to 2000 calories per session!



~Our signature wrap combines our Sudatonic Sauna with our Organic Herbal Body Wrap.  Two main components make our signature wrap more effective than any other, the herbs in the body wrap solution, and the infrared sauna we use during the treatment.  The herbs from the wrap solution are absorbed by your skin, where they rev up your circulation and lymph systems.  By activating your body's natural detoxificaiton methods, the wrap will help you eliminate water retention and inflammation, tone and hydrate the skin, and reduce cellulite where it starts.  With several wraps, expect your metabolism to increase as a result of the detoxification!  The last part of the treatment consists of infrared heat.  Infrared boosts metabolism on the sopt and further increases circulation and detoxification.  Burn up to 5% body fat and 4000 calories in one session.  LOSE WEIGHT!
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